Essential Functions:

● Write SQL statements, to collect and aggregate data from SQL various tables

● Help ensure security and availability of databases

● Prepare documentation and specifications

● Assist in an Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) process

● Assist in a database and software migration to a new platform

● Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders to obtain business requirements

● Assist in a large scale, iterative, data-cleansing operation

● Assist in a data warehousing project and merging of data from varied sources

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

● Strong proficiency with standard SQL syntax and CRUD operations

● At least 5 years experience working with major DBMS such as MS SQL Server (preferred), Oracle, Postgres, or MySql

● Skilled at composing and understanding large complicated SQL statements

● Knowledge of best practices when dealing with relational databases

● Strong written and verbal communication

Additional Responsibilities:

● Capable of configuring popular database engines and orchestrating clusters as necessary

● Experience handling common database procedures such as upgrade, backup, recovery, migration, etc.

● Experience in NoSQL databases, such as MongoDB

● Familiar with tools that can aid with profiling server resource usage and optimizing it

● Familiar with ETL tools such as SSIS

● Capable of troubleshooting common database issues

● Experience constructing data models and relational schemas

● Working knowledge of dynamic SQL, and advanced SQL techniques

Training & Experience:

● Data Warehouse: 2 years (Preferred)

● MySQL: 3 years (Required)

● SQL: 5 years (Required)

● PostgreSQL: 1 year (Preferred)