This position will help deliver company wide growth goals by managing the human growth operation required to meet the company’s financial goals. The role will have complete P&L responsibility of the division and will manage all aspects of the employee acquisition funnel including marketing channel metrics, employee assessment metrics, software, onboarding process and target employee experience. The position will also work with third party firms to maintain and grow current relationships, explore opportunities to partner and add new partners to our process. The position will also oversee our “Green Talent Program” working with channels such as local universities to target individuals with high upside and place them into our intern and Workflow Management program laying out a clear career path within our organization. The position will work hand in hand with compliance and HR to implement process and technology on background checks and licensing components prior to employee start dates.

Essential Functions:

  • Full P&L responsibility over company-wide talent acquisition
  • Board level reporting responsibility over employee target pacing
  • Responsible for developing full funnel metrics around all aspects of employee acquisition including channel, applicant score, interview score, personality assessment, toolkit assessment, recruiter close rate, fall off, etc.
  • Responsible for developing a strong senior management team within the division that can independently drive strong results
  • Oversee division strategies and provide feedback to Managers and Directors to optimize recruiting, ensure transparency and improve employee retention and quality
  • AEP hiring oversight and planning responsibility
  • Continue to develop employee target scorecard to understand attributes of success using Big Data to constantly improve employee targeting
  • Ensure that cost efficiency goals are achieved through the utilization of company’s technology platform, design of improved processes and measurement and monitoring of key sales performance metrics
  • Work closely with Licensing, Compliance, HR and IT to ensure a good onboarding process is developed, tracked and maintained
  • Work effectively with other leadership team functions including Licensing, IT, HR and division leaders
  • Continue to modify, as necessary, relevant and cost-effective compensation programs that motivate and reward associates and tie to company strategic goals
  • Help to develop and oversee a wide variety of quantitative and qualitative metrics ranging from quota attainment, activity levels, conversion/content effectiveness, quality, customer experience and others; recommend changes to executives as necessary
  • Ability to evolve the business from growth mode into more mature and consistent sales outcomes
  • Participate in strategic planning regarding employee development and engagement

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Manages group of Directors and Managers to develop a cohesive team.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Excellent management and leadership skills; ability to develop managers
  • Ability to work well under pressure, to prioritize and deliver business results
  • Demonstrated ability to influence and build consensus at all levels of management
  • Excellent interpersonal skills; a strong verbal and written communicator plus an ability to be effective in a business-to-business setting
  • Ability to utilize and maximize current technology and provide recommendations for change to accelerate performance
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to manage in a complex environment

Training and Experience:

  • Requires prior experience in managing a divisional P&L
  • Strong Finance or analytical background
  • Demonstrated track record of successfully leading teams
  • Experience with high-growth businesses
  • Demonstrated ability to influence and build consensus at all levels of management
  • Bachelor’s degree required;

Position Location:

  • Kansas City (no flexibility with this requirement). Will provide moving allowance

Other Requirements:

  • Must be able to travel as needed

Compensation Target

  • Base Salary
  • Divisional Bonus Plan
  • Company MIP